Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Landmark Art Autumn Fair 2017

Back again to a favourite venue of mine, the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington for their Autumn art fair. This time I was selling with other artists not just a specialist textile fair, so I got to show my work to a different audience. There were some jewellery, ceramics and photography stands as well as fine art and mixed media. A good mix of subject matter was present though nature seemed the most popular theme.

As always at this venue, the people were friendly and curious about my techniques, the cyanotypes in particular capturing interest. It’s very important to get feedback on your work, to see how others see it as I get a bit dismissive about my work, seeing it too much without distance can have a negative effect. Having it hung altogether on the wall is invaluable. I certainly noticed that I have too many moons in my work!

It’s great to meet other exhibitors and chat about their experiences selling their work, a good way to learn from others. It was a successful show for me with enquiries afterwards too. This was the only in person show I’m doing for the moment, though I will have some work on show at the studios I’m based at in early December. A chance to have a wee rest!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Selling event at the Landmark Art Autumn Fair 14-15 October 2017

Orion’s arm: dyed hemp with embroidery and cyanotype print.

This weekend I’m going to be at the Landmark Art Autumn Fair in Teddington selling my latest work. There will be some large textile hangings as well as framed textile works.

Over the summer I’ve been making lots of cyanotypes with a botanical theme taking advantage of the sunshine and the summer flora.

This will be my only selling event in person for this year as other work commitments clashed with the Christmas markets I had planned. Hopefully there will be others next year. 

Moon rise: shibori dyed canvas and cyanotype print.

Cyanotype print of feather and flowers.Cyanotype print of flowers.

Moon over clouds: cyanotype prints

Friday, 9 June 2017

Getting ready for Autumn/Winter!


The summer months are usually spent gearing up for Christmas markets. I'm taking a small stall at Sparkle contemporary craft and gourmet food fair this November in Teddington. I haven't shown here for a few years so I'm specially making smaller items as Christmas gifts. *UPDATE: sorry, had to cancel this event. :(

Using my new skill of shibori dyeing, I will make some beautiful scarves and have already started making cyanotype prints while the sun still shines..


Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Learning a new skill!

Shibori dyeing
Shibori dyed fabric

I took part in a two day course learning a new dyeing technique namely Clamp Resist Shibori, a Japanese way of dyeing patterns onto fabric which can be highly decorative and very complex. As it takes a few hours for the dye to take, I was able only to make a few samples but got a good overview of the technique. Different ways of folding and pleating the fabric determines what the finished pattern will be, almost like origami!

Soaking clamped fabric
Pre soaking fabric before dyeing

After folding and pleating, the folded fabric is held in place with plastic or wooden shapes with clamps. This is to stop the dye which will be applied from penetrating the folds so there will be undyed areas. Once soaked in water, the clamped fabric can be immersed in dye or spooned on. There's an element of surprise as to how each piece turns out but that's the best bit! 

I was thinking of using this technique to make some scarves for the Christmas market, I'm selling at. Have to think ahead, as always! 

Radial shibori
Radial pattern

Degumming lamé fabric
Stripping metallic thread from lame
After declamping
Unclamped fabric, dyed and before unfolding for the reveal!
Shibori dyed fabric
Students work
Student examples
Students work
Student example
Students work
Degummed organza
Students work

Friday, 21 April 2017

River of the sky

 River of the sky- wall hanging
River of the sky. 2017. 93cm x 60cm

I'm going to highlight a larger piece of work that I recently shown at the textile fair last month. It's the largest stitched piece I have made to date which is sometimes a bit of a gamble to dedicate so much time to one project. An expansion on an earlier piece I made a few years ago, Backbone of the Night, the Milky Way is the theme and both of their title names refer to that.

There is a lot of handstitching involved which of course, is extremely time consuming but more effective because of it. I couldn't even begin to tell you how many stitches there are! 


For the sewing enthusiasts, I've used a combination of threads made from cotton, linen and silk, all different textures and some hand dyed. 

I like to use vintage fabrics in my work as part of the "boro" aesthetic of patching and mending. It also fits nicely into the the notion of the universe continually regenerating itself. 


Techniques employed are dyeing, painting, cyanotype printing, some machine stitching but mainly hand embroidered.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Contemporary Textile Fair 2017

Back again to the beautiful Landmark Arts Centre for this year's Contemporary Textile Fair. I return here each year because it has a lovely atmosphere and attracts a good audience of textile enthusiasts to sell and chat to.

As well as the framed textile pieces which sell well, I made a showstopper of a wall hanging. It's always good to have a large piece to attract attention and draw in the crowds. Though I do get a bit anxious when its feels that my hand stitching is being scrutinised by others who stitch themselves!

There were lots of other talented artists and makers showing this year, but I managed not to buy anything for myself which is really difficult as there's lots of temptation! After all, I'm there to sell..

I will be back at the same venue in October for the Landmark Autumn Art Fair. I haven't exhibited my work before amongest other forms of fine art so will be exposed to a different audience. Hopefully, textile art will be appreciated as it does tend to be undervalued and not represented at a lot of art venues. It's that fine line between being seen as art or craft. Time to change that perception!

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Building up

Over the past couple of months, I have been building up a body of work for the Contemporary Textile Fair I will be showing at in March. Furthering my use of cyanotypes, I've been looking a ways to incorporate them in my work.