Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Learning a new skill!

Shibori dyeing
Shibori dyed fabric

I took part in a two day course learning a new dyeing technique namely Clamp Resist Shibori, a Japanese way of dyeing patterns onto fabric which can be highly decorative and very complex. As it takes a few hours for the dye to take, I was able only to make a few samples but got a good overview of the technique. Different ways of folding and pleating the fabric determines what the finished pattern will be, almost like origami!

Soaking clamped fabric
Pre soaking fabric before dyeing

After folding and pleating, the folded fabric is held in place with plastic or wooden shapes with clamps. This is to stop the dye which will be applied from penetrating the folds so there will be undyed areas. Once soaked in water, the clamped fabric can be immersed in dye or spooned on. There's an element of surprise as to how each piece turns out but that's the best bit! 

I was thinking of using this technique to make some scarves for the Christmas market, I'm selling at. Have to think ahead, as always! 

Radial shibori
Radial pattern

Degumming lamé fabric
Stripping metallic thread from lame
After declamping
Unclamped fabric, dyed and before unfolding for the reveal!
Shibori dyed fabric
Students work
Student examples
Students work
Student example
Students work
Degummed organza
Students work