Wednesday, 29 April 2020

All change..

30cm square artwork using 18 - 20th century textiles
 A lot has changed since my last blog post but we can never be certain our future and have to adapt to what comes our way.

I was busy preparing for the Contemporary Textile Fair at the Landmark Arts Centre for the end of March which has now been postponed until end of September. Here's a preview of some of the works that was to be exhibited that I've been making over the last couple of months.

I have built up a considerable stash of wonderful antique textiles so had plenty to play around with. I don't have an idea as such to create with each piece, its more instinctual as I'm sure creative types will understand. It can be a colour palette or a print or stitch on the fabric itself that leads to an idea. All one of a kind and I had fun making them. 

In the meantime, while we all wait until our routines and hopefully jobs resume and we stay well and safe, I am using this unexpected free time to start a new major work, update my website and write new blog posts. My complicated DSLR camera is also being explored after years of neglect, time to brush up on learning better looking photography...

Hope you and all of your friends and family have been spared this terrible virus and are coping with the change in our lifestyles.

Stay safe and well.

30x40cm artwork using 19th century textiles
30x40cm artwork using 19th century textiles

20cm square artwork using antique textiles and embroidered motifs
20cm square artwork using antique textiles and gold work motifs

20cm square artwork using antique textiles and embroidered motifs

25cm square artworks using antique Japanese textiles

Detail of a larger work (30x50cm) using Japanese textiles

40x80cm artwork using 19th century and antique Japanese textiles