Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Selvedge Winter Fair 2013

Chelsea Old Town Hall. Photo courtesy of Selvedge Magazine.

The Selvedge Winter Fair was a very grand affair and the highlight of any textile lovers calendar. I've been a visitor in the past (checking out a event before exhibiting is a must!) and for the first time I was seller. Over a hundred exhibitors, individuals and companies were selling antique textiles, haberdashery supplies and all manner of handcrafted goods, scarfs, bags, cushions and pictures. Not just textiles, there was ceramics, leather bags and my neighbour stall holder, The Printed Peanut, was selling pass the parcel party games! Not everything also was made by the sellers, there were fair trade scarves and hand stitched quilts (which would cost a fortune if made in the UK!) so not exactly a designer/makers market. But my word! there were enough individual makers there with their own unique style and personality to satisfy.

Jess Quinn Small Art. Photo from Selvedge Magazine.
A Threadbare Production.
Photo from Selvedge Magazine. 


It's a amazing event to be at if you make textiles as the people who go there are already the converted. They are either followers of the Selvedge Magazine (exclusive publication for textiles), sewing enthusiasts or just love beautiful unique items. It is though, expensive to exhibit at and the chances of making a profit are a bit slim unless you're already established with a loyal customer base. Some of the items on sale are quite high end but there is enough to suit all budgets. It's one of the best shows to meet your niche market so would recommend new sellers to go for it, but think of it as more about meeting new potential followers and marketing your products. 

Will I be back for the Spring Fair? No, but maybe for the Winter one! 

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My stall at Selvedge.
Photo by Selvedge Magazine.
Photo by Selvedge Magazine.

Photo by Selvedge Magazine.