Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Update! Contemporary Textile Fair 2016

Heavens, has it been that long since I've updated my blog?

A lot has happened that has kept me more than occupied. Between moving home (twice!), finding a new job and exhibiting at the Contemporary Textile Fair, it's been challenging updating this blog. My instagram feed on the otherhand is the best place to see what I'm making at the moment! 

So, the textile fair at the Landmark Arts Centre was once again a joy to take part in. 

As well as meeting lovely people who are interested in my work, it's great to meet fellow makers and artists and see their work and hear their experiences.

I never take for granted that people are keen to buy and are sometimes surprised when they do! This year's fair was excellent and I'm glad that getting my larger work professionally framed not only took a lot of the workload off me, but looked pretty darn good too. I left the frames unstained for buyers to decide on what they liked for their homes as we all have different tastes. 

Getting postcards printed was also a good idea; a small cost memento to be bought and serves as a excellent business card for me too. I hired an art browser to display my mounted prints and artwork which was a great space saver and easier for viewing. People do love a rummage!

Each exhibition, I find a new way to display my work and try to see how I can capture people's interest. It's always a learning curve! Overall, I was pleased with how my stand looked and it did get a lot of interest. I thought this year's fair had a good steady flow of visitors and there was lots of buying going on which is good for a springtime.

There were some workshops also happening courtesy of the Royal School of Needlework, so that also gave textile enthusiasts an extra reason to come this year.
There is a nice gentle atmosphere to this fair and standalone textile fairs are rare in the art & craft world so this one is to be treasured!