Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Contemporary Textile Fair 2017

Back again to the beautiful Landmark Arts Centre for this year's Contemporary Textile Fair. I return here each year because it has a lovely atmosphere and attracts a good audience of textile enthusiasts to sell and chat to.

As well as the framed textile pieces which sell well, I made a showstopper of a wall hanging. It's always good to have a large piece to attract attention and draw in the crowds. Though I do get a bit anxious when its feels that my hand stitching is being scrutinised by others who stitch themselves!

There were lots of other talented artists and makers showing this year, but I managed not to buy anything for myself which is really difficult as there's lots of temptation! After all, I'm there to sell..

I will be back at the same venue in October for the Landmark Autumn Art Fair. I haven't exhibited my work before amongest other forms of fine art so will be exposed to a different audience. Hopefully, textile art will be appreciated as it does tend to be undervalued and not represented at a lot of art venues. It's that fine line between being seen as art or craft. Time to change that perception!