Thursday, 28 November 2013

Sparkle Contemporary Craft Fair - Teddington 22-24 November

 For the past month, I've been non stop making for three Christmas Fairs booked in November and December. Though I've taken photos of what I've been up to, didn't get around to editing them yet to post! Never enough hours in the day especially trying to fit it around a full time job.

So finally, the fruits of my labour went on display, ready to sell at the Sparkle Christmas Fair last weekend. Set in a former church, the Landmark Arts Centre is a truly wonderful venue with it's grand arches and stained glass. Beats freezing at an outdoor market hands down!

Even though most people don't feel "Christmassy" yet, thought I should decorate the stall with some fairy lights and snowflake decorations to get in the swing of it. Thankfully there wasn't any Christmas carols on endless loop in the venue but strangely "Copacabana" played on the panpipes!

I can't tell you how lovely it was to meet such friendly and enthusiastic people who were so interested to chat and not at all shy to have a look. Having exhibited at a lot of markets, I'm sometimes disheartened by the apathy of the public who are well fed by the over saturated craft/ vintage markets that seem everywhere now. It's clearly a big notable event in the Teddington area so the locals look forward to something different on offer when it's that gift buying season again.

Obviously I want people to buy, but honestly it's nice to speak to people about what you do. It's funny when someone recognises a piece of vintage fabric from their childhood, a pair of curtains their parents had. A lot of ladies have crochet doilies stuffed somewhere in a drawer they had inherited and hadn't a clue what to do with them so loved my xmas decorations made from doilies! Everyone seemed to agree with the issue of wastage and loved the idea of vintage textiles being repurposed.

I tried out a few new products as well as some trusted sellers. The new barkcloth make up bags were very popular so going to make some smaller purses from 1950s fabrics. Sold also a lot of my bigger cushions, which is a relief as I really don't have space to store them!  After three days of selling, I have a lot of stock to make for the next one, the Selvedge Winter Fair at Chelsea Old Town Hall on 29/30th. Better get on with it!

In the meantime, have a look at some of photos I managed to take of the venue and my stall. Enjoy!