Thursday, 4 July 2013


I've been busy making up new cats after the torture process of CE testing (see previous post). So have been making a few each of the cats and bunnies groups in order to photograph. Once I've got some beautiful photographs then I can add them to my website very soon!

 Hand stitching the features on Wayne Cat.
Flat cat!

 Wayne Cat all assembled & ready to be stuffed. He has an empty feeling...
He's made up & not amused...

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

A long process....but there's the light!

It may not be commonly known that any product that may appeal to children, whether intentional, has to be CE marked. What this means is any soft toy has to be tested in order for it to be legally sold to the public or risk a hefty fine or imprisonment (gulp! yes it's that serious). It all seems rather too much for the small independent business (lab testing a complete toy is £350+) but there is help out there from a great Facebook group about the CE testing of products. 

To cut a lengthy process short, every material used to make an item (fabric, button, thread etc) has to be chemically tested so it does not contain any harmful chemicals that may come out when, as children do, put it in their mouths! Also the design has to pass a tension test, involves hanging weights off the seams, and a flammability test (no explanation needed!). A technical file has to be kept and every item has to have batch number so I know when each item was made. 

I designed these specially made soft toys, the Cats and the Bunnies, way back in January and after prototypes and testing, they will finally be available to sell. Hurrah!  So, they are suitable for all ages and I mean all ages as I know that even adults like me can't help being drawn to little animal soft toys!

Millicent Cat been set alight & passed with flying colours!