Saturday, 12 July 2014

Exploration is in our nature...

Photo A
 It's all about the border today!

Surrounding the entire quilt are two quotes by Carl Sagan, astronomer and brilliant science communicator, about the importance of imagination and curiosity for the advancement of the human race.

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that neverwhere but without it, we go nowhere."

"Exploration is in our nature, we began as wanderers and are wanderers still."

Once the lettering is marked out (photo A), I stitched round it (photo B) then cut out the fabric inside to reveal the green fabric below. This is called reverse appliqué as it's taking away a layer as opposed to adding one (appliqué).

Photo B
All the frayed edges then are satin stitched around in black silken thread (photo C). The border is then added to the rest of the quilt and black fine braid stitched on to hide the seam.
Photo C

I wanted a wide gold braid to edge the quilt so found a heavy metallic ribbon and fancy braid. Though it was super expensive,  the end result is just right, once the ribbon was dyed down and the braid painted to age it. Then the braid was stitched onto the ribbon  and then hand stitched onto the quilt. It definitely finishes the quilt off.

Next stage is to quilt the layers together then bind the edges. Almost finished!
Quilt so far

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